If Only

Written by: Jennifer Abrams

M.I.A but I'm here
Chained to the ghetto 
You'll never find me 
Cuz we all look the same 
Identified by the numbers on our EBT cards
We belong to the state packed away by section 8
Tell me what is our fate?
Rich girls with painted faces from the other side of town
You only come around once in a blue to tell us, what it is, that we could do 
If only, we weren't ignorant 
If only, we weren't gangbangers 
And hustlers, 
Child thieves 
And people molesters,
If only our mothers, never cried cuz our babies had to die
If only our fathers, weren't so young made to be men before the age of ten
If only our sisters and our brothers hadn't been sold to demons in the night
Given up without the chance to fight 
Man, if only you could see, open your eyes, and see 
See the guns we carry not for our fighting but for our defense 
See the drugs we sell not for our fun but for our lives
See the women we love not for our pleasure but for our sanity
But you cannot see for you are blinded by the ego you possess
Rich girls who have never known what it means to suffer 
Coming around once in a blue to tell us, what it is, that we could do
Just because Daddy made sure you bought the best and mommy took care of all the rest 
Come around again rich girl and let me show you what it is that I could do 
If only, if only, man if only.