The Crucified Minority

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

What I believe is what is.
Not some metaphysical ideal,
Nor a political fizz.
It is honest sensible and real.

It’s about my friends, relatives and yours,
The ones we haven’t as yet met,
And won’t because we’ve closed those doors,
And what we have is all we get.

Look at it all and what do we see,
gods of currency, power and lust.
A world licentious, not free,
envy, pride, hatred and distrust.

Where are our heroes to save us?
The lovers and poets and sensible writers,
The Ghandis, and Kings to lead us.
The loving, in God trusting, evil fighters.

Without those potential God given heroes in this darkened world,
to reveal His light shining under that politically barred door…
Those precious living flags will never be unfurled,
Our young friends in their wombs are worth fighting for!