Written by: Ahmed Abdi

Sword’s sharp edge attached side by side
One side a victor
Another side a villain
The sworn enemies, the bosom friends

And the sharp tongue between clinched teeth
With the paired edges that cuts both
At one end, wisdom of wits
While the other end unleashes the evil spirits

The life that is full of shows and shadows
The stride to strive towards a big ride
And the cruel hands of death at the offing
To be or not be

Time that rushes like a tide
One time, you are young and active
Another time, old and passive
One time walk tall and other stupors

The law with the sharp jaw that can bite both
One slit, confirm the crime
Another, confirm not the crime
To celebrate or celebrate not

And the love along the thin broken line full of tinges
One good trudge, hero
Another misstep, hate
Like matrimony hanging at balance

The torrent of punches to roll with
And the quest to be at par
And the hasty retreats, the quips and sound bites
Sometimes lemon to have lemonade or honey that maketh money