life-a wonderful gift

Written by: kenisha shines

It is the only gift,which is given
only once by god to us.
     It has all the ingredients for
making it perfect dish of
sweet memories,bitter exoeriences.
            The sun shines,bird chirps and
the day starts with a new hope
in the heart.
      The fire in the heart and soul
 to reach the zenith of success
keeps one moving on in life.
           Hurdles are beautiful blessings
disguised ,and pain added to
it as a decorative.
            A beautiful and splendid red
rose which is symbol of love is
always with thorns.
             Just as rose,life has some grey
shades to it,which makes it
perfectly beautiful.
          Nothing splendid can be
achieved without any hardwork.
   Let the thrown stones at u
be the garland around ur
neck of success.
 Success will be chasing when you
have the determination to reach
skies and the courage to swim
across the ocean.
     Let the hurdulous waves be the currents
to take you to the shores of achievements.
        Make the love failure of ur life be the
beautiful lesson taught to you,
to fall in love with the entire world and
not a single person alone.
                 May lord grace upon you, and
wish you find the rearest of the pearl and largest
of all the diamonds.
                     Let that joys teach us that life has
more pleasantaries to offer us in store.
       The best critic in the world is your
enemy who always finds the flaws
which not even best of best friends can find,
be thankful to them.
        bounce back with extra energy ,when
encountered with a failure.
life is a sail on the ocean,which has many
tides yet reaches safely to the shore.
                   be like a lion which takes two steps
aback only to leap forward with greater strength to
reach the goal.
                      enjoy all the moments of life equaly
as everything has something to teach you.
 life has all the colours along with black &
grey which has their own beauty,
        so love life to the fullest!!!