The Love Island

Written by: sadaf syed

On this tropical island,on an alone night
With you,filled my heart with delight.

Felt on top of the world when you hugged me,
In your eyes never-ending love I could see.

Then you said that in the water you'd plunge me
I laughed,tickled you and set myself free.

And began to run from under the shadow of palm trees,
Turned around to tease you,my hair swayed in the breeze.

While you closed in on me on this softest sand,
It seemed as moments so special,so grand.

But then by accident, I tripped and fell
And trying to get a hold of me,you did as well.

You were on top of me,my heart did race,
As you brushed the hair off my face.

My face flushed red as I blushed
When we came closer and our lips touched.

The rest of the night was so romantic,like a dream come true,
Where under the moonlight there was only me and you..

-Sadaf Syed