Our Kingdom Come

Written by: Robert Ball

Gas prices rising, money and food hard to come by.
Many families are in crisis and they wonder why?
We have lost our moral compass transgressing God’s laws.
His blessings on this fruitful country are on the last straw.

Earthquakes, famine, diseases, water and gas shortages are soon to come.
Signs from the heavens planet straining to sustain life, hard for some.
Our Fathers creation man being trashed before His eyes.
While mans inability to make peace we as a nation without God will not survive.

Deadly gases, greenhouse, methane, oil emissions, all trash the environment and our air.
Yet, amazingly we seem not to care our children are left in despair.
Dying by the thousands in Africa everyday we still make war.
Why we can’t stop anything? We leave on the earth deadly scars.

“Your Kingdom come.” Hopefully for mans sake it will soon happen.
Jesus arriving to stop mans madness beginning to teach and begin shaping.
A world with love, peace, no guns, bombs, missiles, only a plowshare.
Amongst men, Our Father will show His way, and teach us to truly care.

Being vigilant is the key here, remaining in tune with our Spiritual Lord.
Listening to our inner spiritual voice, the voice of Jesus, who is the “Word.”
Six thousand years yet man alone can’t solve any of the earth’s problems.
Humans are still carnally selfish, love is the Lord’s spiritual vocabulary, and without it we are truly condemned.