Tender Memories

Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

A quiet evening alone by the shore
My thoughts return to the island once more
A young woman still haunting my dreams
I Was a sailor in love with her charms 
We spent a summer in each others arms
Living now isn't all that it seems
Paradise once was well within reach
Two lovers together on a tropical beach
Finding the answers without asking why
Watching the colors of the setting sun
Touching the ocean when day is done
Southern Cross hanging high in the sky
She held my heart in the palm of her hand
We walked together in the Caribbean sand
In the distance the harbor lights
Castaway dreams we shared with each other
Vowing forever to love one another
Embracing the tropical nights
I heard the ocean calling my name
Knowing my life would not be the same
I boarded that ship and sailed away
I lie awake nights and question my choice
I see her face and I hear her voice
I only have tender memories today.

  Vince Siuzadail Jr.