I LOVE YOU - Part 2

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

Scars of Sorrow, Healed by a Loving Smile: Tears of Pain, gone for Awhile
YOUR warm LOVING Embrace, the LOVING Smile on YOUR Angelic Face
Can YOU see the LOVE in my Eyes?; from the Hues of Sunset, ‘til morning Sunrise
Do YOU feel the beating of a growing Heart? A Newborn Heart, a brand new start
My Heart, soothed by YOUR Voice, I LOVE YOU Barbara Jean, in LOVE I rejoice
I LOVE YOU Everyday, I LOVE YOU in every way; a man should LOVE a Woman
Can YOU hear the Silent beating of My Heart? Do YOU hear the sound of LOVE?

                                                                     To Be Cont.
My Dearest Most Only BELOVED, BARBARA JEAN, this is My Tribute of LOVE
For YOU, from my Heart and Soul : I LOVE YOU ALWAYS and FOREVER, YOUR
ETERNAL Liege…Harry