My First Car

Written by: Charles Clive

My lawyer drives a Jaguar, a slim and glitzy marque. He seldom ventures near the Law, (the work's done by his clerk), buts sends in bills at Partners Rates; that avaricious shark. My Broker's Merc is spanking new; it takes his fishing rod. He, as of right, once gently slipped in shoes his father trod. All pomp and circumstance he struts, this self appointed God. Accountants' BMWs have litres by the score. Mine's filled his up with gadgetry and Wilton on the floor. And now he's had his Coat of Arms emblazoned on the door. I used to have a set of wheels, a Morris Minor van. It was a dear and much loved friend which ran and ran and ran. I polished it with tender care and was its greatest fan. Alas! It's gone to pay the bills. But why? I cannot see. All day they guff and huff and puff and then demand a fee. I do not want their 'sound advice', I want a car - for me! ~
For Carol Brown's 'First Car' Contest by Charles Clive.