The Four Ps and More

Written by: Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

First, I thought I could not pick one passion.
Writing poetry, painting, planting, and
Photography, all equally driven –
So, what one thing makes me feel the most grand?

Experiences with diversity –
Discovery with serendipity –
Decisions made with spontaneity –
Solutions found without adversity –

Spur of the moment surprises…unplanned.
Helping others and showing compassion
All of these excite me; make me feel grand.
Then, it hit me, my ultimate passion.

No matter whether practicing talents
Or solving problems with excessive zest,
The absolute zeal, which never relents,
My greatest passion, always do my best.

(Not necessarily the best...just my best.)

© March 5, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen