Qualities That Men Possess


Qualities That Men Possess All the good qualities Possessed by men and women Are gifts from God above— Grace in many a sermon. All is owed to God For He owns everything. It is perilous to exalt man, As the works God Himself does bring. Man loses sight of his dependence; Thinks he’s the one who gains. Because of his own efforts; Trust in his strength remains. Believing in self alone We are bound to fall For it’s only an illusion— On God we need to call. Kindness and mercy Shown to each other Are not of men or women, But gleaned from God’s love cover. God’s cover of love and mercy Reigns over us all. Love is our standard, When on God we call. Qualities possessed by men or women Are what God Himself enables. No credit can be taken, For God owns all the stables. The Holy Spirit gives us gifts; Provisions for us to serve, But most use these gifts to extol self— Self-service solely to observe. Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2012 www.maureenlefanue.comns