to elfrida my love

Written by: Babajide Ilebiyi

To Elfrida my love

To thee that I love, adore and cherish
From a heart heavy with the burden of contrition
Proceedeth these words that I may obtain restitution
Of thy pure and undying love, lest I perish

The evil that men doth contemplate
Mine sire in the ranks and his councilors too
Bears the fruit of treachery as they have determined so
That thou be incarcerated on account of thy lowly estate

At the behest of the vicar was I summoned
Who sent a herald to report the theft of the sacred urn
Hurriedly I heeded as duty beckoned
And only learnt of thy misfortune at my return

Was it not I, the slayer of the mighty beast
Who along with my trusted cavalry
Swore before thy father, to love and protect thee
Though among men of substance he is the least

Despair not therefore, o fairest Elfrida
For my love like the sun, shining bright as ever
Compels me to fight as I now take up arms
So that soon I may once again hold you in my arms