Written by: Patrick Cornwall

They called him Jumper

He preferred  Prancer

When he was happy he would prance

Giant circles of joy

And the dizziness

Too many beers and staggers

For 365 days waiting times 4

He would dress himself  outlandishly

Feathers and painting his face

He loved the Mamba and espresso

Dancing to the beat and the heat

But February 29th he could leap and pride

Gyrating crazily leaping from space to space

Time warp again

Disco fever

Never tiring

It only happens once every 4 years

Leap frog when he was a child

Monty Python taught him how to leap from tree to tree

He did the Lumberjack

His jeans had done the Hop on Bandstand

He had bell bottom genes

While in South America he did the Anaconda

Bunny Hop with children as he walked

Loved the song Fandango

While hunting his horse taught him  the Foxtrot 

Auntie Mame be proud

His favorite was Leaping

Once every 4 years



Just bored so I typed nonsense