Obstacle Course

Written by: Taylor Thompson

I’ve had struggled through long nights of sobbing.
Days of questioning, 
Wanting reasoning. 
Mental threatening. 
There were things I just couldn’t answer, but still seeked. 
I set boundaries for my self but still cheated, still peaked.
When someone comes along to help you see things for what they are, 
They present you with something valuable. 
They present you with a new outlook, 
New mindset, 
New hopes and dreams, 
A new start, not to mention an open heart.
They help you strive, 
They help you cope. 
They help you live. 
I used to stumble through life as an obstacle course, 
You've helped me view it as a playground. 
I play tag, you’re it. 
Not to mention a perfect fit. 
I swing high, through the sky. 
I’m telling you, I’m madly in love with this guy.
I jumped through the air,
 and I’m yet to hit the ground. 
Don’t let me down, just always be around.
I dance with the clouds,
 And am led to a new journey. 
Light of the feet is light of the heart. 
You’ve been doing your part.
I can be alone with my own thoughts,
I have more friends
I give myself a fair shot. 
I can’t explain how you’ve helped me improve and turned me a new leaf. 
After years of work, I’m sure I’ve caused you grief. 
I just thank you for not giving up you see, because when I wake up I can finally breathe. 
To sum it all up, my world is finally right. 
I believe in myself so much may just take flight
I finally land and I’m not just anywhere.
I’ve placed my feet,
Right next to you, the only place I want to be.
You’ve fixed just about everything for me. 
I used to stumble through life as an obstacle course; you've helped me view it as a playground
And you’re playing on it with me.