Written by: Andrew Crisci

Let your warm kisses fall upon me always,
o beautiful goddess of the luminous moon...
as I'll be sleeping under your moon rays.

Wasn't I Endymion one of your passionate lovers?
I appeased your desires as you lit up the dark night... 
and wasn't it because you seduced me with pretty smiles?

Let your warm kisses fall upon me always,
and 'though these manly hands can't touch you... 
I will feel you breathing into my lungs to give me thrills. 

Selene, ride across the immense, starry firmament
as your chariot is drawn by the white horses of Zeus,
never awaken me...inebriate me with your midnight scent. 

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Nette Oncloud's contest,
" In The Mood Of Imagery " "