Paying the Price of Silence

Written by: Colleen Bono

Silence was my savior,
and silence was my end. 
Silence was my only friend,
but I paid the price in the end.

I wouldn't speak when I was young,
No matter what the problem,
I silenced my tongue.

Inside I was crying,
but you couldn't really tell. 
Inside I was screaming,
please release me from this hell.

As an adult I broke in two,
in pieces I did fall,
I kept the silence over the years,
and put up a big wall.

I had a nervous breakdown,
at last I had to speak,
even I was surprised
at what I had buried so deep.

Talking was the beginning,
to the healing of my soul,
and let the past and demons
give up and just let go.

                                                 COLLEEN MARIE BONO
                                                     February 25, 2012