The Bachelor Bunny

Written by: Deb Wilson

He was a charmer,this bachelor bunny.
The girls thought he was hilariously funny.

He'd go hopping into their briar patch.
Quite a few succulent carrots he'd snatch.

But the girl bunnies,they didn't seem to mind.
In the rabbity world he was quite a find!

One day he showed up in the valley.
He was hungry so he didn't dilly-dally.

Then one little lady took him something sweet.
She acted demure,despite those big feet.

Now the other girl bunnies were mad and jealous.
Cos' in her pursuit she was really quite zealous!

She'd decided this lop-eared boy would be hers.
He was just the type bunny the lady prefers.

But he indeed had another plan.
He grabbed her carrots and off he ran.

A confirmed bachelor bunny he would stay.
But he would be back another day.

for Carol Brown's contest"Bunny Rabbits"