A Spring Time Hidden Bunny's Trail

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

A Spring Time Hidden Bunny’s Trail

Once upon a time in a village nearby
There were five little bunnies that were very unique
And each year when spring would arrive
They dreaded for spring to leave

So one day in winter, as they were hopping away
They found a hidden trail that no one in the village ever seen
As they continued hopping so very far away
They discovered at the end of the hidden trail lived the season of spring

When they arrived, there was a castle named Spring Time
Along beside the castle they found a magical crystal egg rested on the green grass 
So they picked it up in excitement wondering what they would find
And inside they was a secret explaining how to have spring time forever last

The secret revealed that the magical crystal egg 
Had to be placed on the brown grass in a village they called home
So off they went hopping so quickly on each leg
To reach to their village they called their own

Once they put the magical crystal egg on the grass 
Suddenly the sun began to shine and the birds began to sing
All the leaves began to grow on the trees so very fast
While so many flowers began to blossom as they welcomed spring

They hopped with joy knowing that spring would never leave again
Still years later, the people in the village all tell the same tail
About these five curious bunnies that hopped down a trail until they reached the end
And found a magical secret for their village in a springtime hidden bunny’s trail…
Contest: Bunny Rabbits Sponsor: Carol Brown Poet: Gail Doyle