A Woman Not a Girl

Written by: Deb Wilson

On this earthly plane I've come to be
an older woman,not a girl.
But in my dancing reverie
bend me over and watch me twirl!

For there came a time inside my life
I could only see the years pass by.
Realization cut like a knife;
I spent my days upon a sigh.

Then I put away my childish things;
one moment and they were gone.
I learned even the caged bird sings
when breathing in the newborn dawn.

Never a shrinking violet here
on the stage of my own history.
I'll keep going for now it's clear
life's really not such a mystery.

So I'll rock on into the night
when joy appears,give it a whirl.
Turn all the darkness into light
for I'm a woman,not a girl!

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Coming Of Age"
sponsored by Frank Herrera