I Drank

Written by: David Moore

I Drank
I drank away my future and I drank away my past
I drank away the anger in hopes it will not last
I drank away the suffering in hopes it fades away
I drank away the night and I drank away the day
I drank away my memories that seem to come and go
I drank away the pain I felt and times of feeling low
I drank away the sorrow and the tears I cry and night
I drank away the hurt and scars I know that it’s not right
I drank away the agony that I’ve known through out my years
I drank away the frustration and I drank away my fears
I drank away the family that caused the pain you see
I drank away my childhood and I drank away the me
This is my prayer for you my friend don’t let it go on to long
Give to God your vices the ones you know are wrong
If you wait to long like me my friend it’s harder to break the chain
Drinking only masks the sorrow and it only masks the pain
Don’t hide behind the bottle because its clear and all can see
Don’t hide behind the past and don’t hide behind the me
The me is a representation of all the things you hate
Take it from a drunkard with God it’s never to late
So when the time comes and you feel the urge to drink
I hope this poem reminds you and I hope it makes you think
These words from a drinker I know the pain you flee
God can take it from you he saved a wretch like me

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