Written by: Babatunde Akinyemi

Turn To The Sun
Blind Yourself Eniasin
So You Shall Not See Me Cry
So You Shall Not See These Tears Falling From My Eyes
That My Tears May Raise Rocks
Set Mountains;
Boundaries Between Lovers Like You And I Shall Never Cease To Be
If I Cannot Have You My Beloved, Then Let No One Else Have Another
If I Cannot Hold You By My Side, Then I Sow In Eternity Boundaries Between Lovers
Cupid Has Not Heard the Last Of Me; He Gave Me A Rose And Pilfered My Nasals
Mine! Eniasin, Is The Pain,
Mine!! The Restless Turn,
Mine!!! The Heart Popped In Sorrowed Corn;
To Break,
To Tear, 
To Bleed Words Of Muffled Laments,
Mine! Eniasin, Is The Hope
Mine!! The Wish
Mine!!! The Dream Of The River Split Seven Tributaries Hoped That One Would Reach The Sea.
Eniasin Turn! 
Turn Eniasin!!
I Bleed My Glands For Cupid's Thirst.