All To Him

Written by: Chile D'rhymez

I've got my life between my lips
In my hand i hold the fire
All lit and glowing
Red hot
I'll light up this heart of mine
I'll let it burn all up
Like a stick of cigarette
I'll puff endlessly
And let the smoke out my nose
I'll watch it burn out slowly
O! yes its my life
It's mine 
To decide how i live it

Then an unseen hand took my life
From out my lips
Thou art a fool
Even worse than
The greatest fool there ever is
Life's mine to give
And mine to take away 
So i put out the fire
And let my knees 
Touch the cruel floor
And said a prayer 
To him who gives life
To restore unto me
My dear life
Life's worthless
So i thought
But now i know
I need life now
More than ever
I'll do all in my power 
To have it back
Even if i cant have it all back
I'll make good use 
Of the years
I do have left
This time i'll give it all to him
All of my life
Yes!with him my life is safe