Written by: Ace X

happy days cant stay if i may raise or stand i must obey moms rules Cuz shes the king of the house pops busting round shots, all he got, not a lot. I'm a small boy without a care for the world yet felt some sort of way when i couldn't get the girl. hope last ,please believe. I'm behind in class yet i know im down, to read, something other then the lines on the sheets,but the ones in my life, ambition never hurt so much, i remember a man crying over his trifling wife sorrow is nothing to this thirst. wisdom on the hook and magic is in the heart tonight I'm feeling the first breathe of the color of sunshine, in the bedroom we make love moving to the bathroom, unconscionably realizing we r all equal, yet after i nut I'm back on my grind. the first girl after u baby, ima keep living to die yet i got u deeper than my breathe in my soul, till we old. u were my first love these girls were the first ones after u