Written by: Annalee Pierce

So astonished
Was I when I saw you,
From my safe little corner across
The room,
Behind the glass like all the pastries
That were available to me
Not barred by the displays indeed,
I watch you move.

The indulgence of the moment,
I take in your design
That blaze of robin eggshell blue,
That coating which enhances
Your fair and flawless skin
Illuminates your heart-shaped face
And calls the angels, if they
Prove to be,
To cast a dancing beam inside
Your eyes
And wings cushion your  feet
With unbroken grace on which you
So when you go, at least you glide

But your flight reveals the 
Chocolate locks,
The cake in and of itself
That frames the floured face
And beaming eyes
That cake, so rich and moist
Tied up high like a curtain
Left unchecked, still beautiful
Would drown

All these things, I observe
In a minute or less
And as I stand to go
(Not on angel's wings, unluckily)
I take my one final glance
At the baker's pride
And joy,
Satisfied at last when I do
Beholding such sleek art
In your chocolate-veiled 
Neck tattoo