You know who we are

Written by: Corey Brown

You know who we are. 

We're with you everyday, 
We're from the ghettos, the project buildings 
the neighborhoods with low incomes

You know who we are

We're considered in society as the minority, 
yet we're the majority in poverty, 
the 16th president constituted abomination 
for the sins of those whose skin is pale, 
still we're slaves to an American economy, 
who blames our new generations 
for the contamination of the crack sale,

You know who we are
We're college graduates, 
we have High school degrees 
we're doctors, lawyers, sergeons and teachers 
we're diplomats, philosophers, ordained as preachers

We're American, African 
players of Uncle Sam's past time

concieved in the Nile, raised along the Potomac 
sold by our own, for collateral and material, 
we're the New World's history, 
workers of cotton gins, fighters for rights

You know who we are

Negroes, black, 
beautiful as the dawnless night