Behind clossed doors

Written by: trina aiken

Can you see it,
the little girl in her room
sitting in her closet rocking,
rocking back and forth in a cocoon.

Can you see it, 
the baby doll in her arms
dressed in ripped rages
with its face smeared with dirt in alarm.

Can you hear,
the sweet words she sings
“hush little baby don’t you cry” as 
she continuously wipes the dolls eyes they sting.

Can you see her,
as she’s in the corner huddled to the side
too afraid of moving
as she hugs her doll with eyes wet and wide.

She can fill it,
the coldness of the doll
as she craves the warmth it wont give
as she continues to cling to the doll.

She can hear it,
the screaming of her parents 
as glass shatters and falls to the floor
her fear is paralyzing. 

She hears her name being called
she jumps from the shock 
but she refuses to move
its called again and then a knock.

Can you see,
the sun that shines through the shutters
of the closed closet door
a the light falls on her eyes they begin to flutter.

Can you see it,
a little girl, in her room, in the closet 
hugging her doll, hiding 
can you see it.

No one sees it, no one hears it,
but they gather, when the flashing 
lights speed down the street
they stand watching, staring.