Flora of the Night

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

Silver moon glow his brightness in this quiet midnight
The meadows of heaven blossomed by the stars
And filling the spaces of the sky
Its glorious light walk to the dark zion, and
Rangers of the night pass across the universe.
Watching the flora of the night.
A beautiful petals opens and grows aglow
You wonder where they came.

The solemn night adored of cheerful lights,
Of the fabulous stars, flora of the night

The flora of the night sprinkled magic
Heroes and goddesses bow their head
Enchanting the milky way across the galaxy

Shinning, shimmering like a redness sun
The light, like as whiter than the snow
As a salt crystal twinkled upon my naked eye,
Rosary of love that’s what they are looked
Sad, silent night watches her constellation, and climb.

Written By: Cheryl Aldea
Date: February 16, 2012
Entry for: Stairway to the Stars Contest
(Linda Marie the Sweet heart of P S)