On My Knee's, Lord

Written by: Avis Bailey

When I think of the years, I wasted, How it saddens my heart, to know, I thought by myself, I could make it, And the struggle, I could handle alone. But when the spirit of God, took over, And He opened my eyes to see, I discovered that I, was never alone, He was always there standing by me. I thank you Lord for all the good, And the bad times in my life, For it was then I needed most, A friend by my side. You'll always be there with me In all I go through, Now on my knees,Lord, I'm thanking you. When I think of the years up ahead, I know difficult times there will be. The worries I'll have, I'll never dread, For on Him I depend to relieve. As I thank Him for all, He's already done, I have faith in Him, to believe, I can go on ahead and thank Him for, The things that's set before me.