Fingertip Memories

Written by: Blythe Journey

Looking at my hands 
Still young to
Grasp a brush for 
Gracie's ponytails
And strong enough
To tickle my big boy Dylan
Patting my kids back heartily 
As I hug them 
Soft enough 
To glide my fingertips
Across my lovers arms
Fresh enough to touch the sick 
In my presence
I realize as I trace the veins
That they'll be knobby and 
One old day and I'll flip
Pages of photo albums and 
Pages of poetry 
Remembering my full life
A day will come I won't 
recognize they belong to me
Wrinkled and thin skinned
As they pat my grandchild's 
Soft young hair 
May my
Old hands remember
To tell me their stories 
Each day as 
My loves are busy making
Their own stories 
Hoping I smile often 
And rest that final rest
With each fingertips memory