Written by: Taylor Thompson

You know what?
I’m done.
I’m through with the days of sighing,
Nights of crying.
I’m done.
Not wanting to talk about what happened,
I’m not the one who should be embarrassed.
I am just done.
I tried to fix what I didn’t break and you’re still resistant.
I am through feeling empty and incomplete.
You don’t deserve to control the better part of me.
I will not let you ruin that I’m happy.
What I am just doesn’t satisfy.
Hearing you hate me,
Thinking of the things you did to your family.
I eliminate drama but never thought I had to distance myself from you.
I’ve tried time after time.
I’m done.
I am walking away.
I have plenty of people who appreciate me,
They appreciate what you hate.
It’s not fair to not give myself fully to them.
I’m enjoying life and you butt your way in.
Memories are in the past
Nightmares don’t last.
This is me, waking up,
I have nothing to prove to you.
When I awake I feel happiness, 
The happiness you don’t take part in,
So you cant contribute to my sadness too.
I know who you are.
And a mother shouldn’t disown you for being you.
This is me taking away my years of hurt and yours of humor.
I am turning them into love.
Because You know what?
I am done.
I’m through with the days of sighing,
Nights of crying.
I am done.
Done with your games.
Done with you,
Thank you for giving me life.
But im done.