Who am I

Written by: Murray Mahauariki

Who am I?
seems a simple question,
me being who I am,
it wasn't.

This question was given,
as an assignment one week at tech,
15 minute presentation,
we all had to give.

Everyone else looked happy,
they talked among themselves,
they all had ideas,
of what they were about.

I did pay attention,
to a lot that was said,
but it seemed to easy,
I just didn't get it.

Who am I?,
what the heck is that suppose to mean,
how do I perceive myself, in my own eye view?,
well that eluded me too.

For two weeks I struggled,
endless nights sleep,
I harassed everyone I knew with this question,
to get there point of view.

Then it finally hit me,
as I shed through all the labels,
I am nothing,
I mimic everything.

Everything I believe in,
the way I live my life,
the labels I carry,
are not uniquely mine.

I delivered my presentation,
I was the only one who had this view,
I am a parrot,
I got an A+ too.