Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

In the most “Pretty Woman” way
You said to me the other Day
" Your Eyes are a beautiful ‘ Steel Blue " 
 In my shyness, I said nothing to YOU

My Heart was Pounding ; My Mind Reeling
It is astounding , for  “ YOU, I Am feeling
The Past comes to life ; Through the Light in Your Eyes
Bagpipes, and a Fife : “Herald ; You :a most  Precious Prize

YOU remind me of Youth ;YOU remind me of Truth
I  have  reminisce of LOVE ; when I look upon YOUR Face
I Thank “ GOD ABOVE “ :  For the Beauty that is : “Y O U”
YOUR Valentine’s Day Card; “My Heart Beating a Rhythmic “Thank-You”

     Inspired by and Dedicated to “ KIMBERLY “ 
    Be my Valentine, LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER
    YOUR Admiring Liege : HGarvey Daniel Esquire