The plastic Maori

Written by: Murray Mahauariki

I'm viewed as a plastic Maori, because of the way I choose to live life, moving with westerns trends, away from traditional life. This is all I have known, being city born, I did try to learn my Tikanga, but I was severely scorned. Don't talk that white trash they reckon, what are you trying to prove, bloody plastic Maori, you ain't Tuturu. From this point on wards, I've struggle to fit in, not knowing where I belong, my identity taken. I went back to my white world, broke free from that cast, forging my own identity, free from there past. The reason Maori struggle now, there too wrapped up in the past, they really need to change, because the western world is changing fast. (Tiikanga - Maori Culture. Tuuturu - True) M.Mahauariki © 2012