A Whitney Houston tribute

Written by: Andrew Vassell

A Whitney Houston tribute

I'll always love you

Waiting to exhale to
the news of losing you,
now how will I know
the greatest love of all?
It's not right but it's ok
cause your love has 
saved the day as today
you've left us in heart- 
hotel but didn't we almost 
had it all? Count on me
as you say all the man 
you need and you believe
in you and me. I've learned
from the best to express
the greatest love of all
but how will I know that 
I've known him so well and
I know I'm every woman, 
I know now more than 
ever I wana dance with 
somebody who loves. 
Jesus love me all at once
and I'll always love you.

All done from titles of her songs

R. I. P young lady. Your voice 
was magical and for sure the
beauty, inspiration and heal
you've brought us exceeds the 
errors or wrong direction in
you life. You are gone but will
forever be the heart and breath, 
most of all the earth angel of