Finding the balance is a riddle

Written by: Murray Mahauariki

Being a half breed, isn't easy for me, caught between worlds, which you will soon see. Not white enough to be European, but I adhere to a lot of there beliefs, the white Maori, education wasn't a relief. Not brown enough for the Maori's, many traditional values have been lost, seen as a traitor to the cause, living the white way has it's cost. I'm seen as an plastic Maori, because I've been urbanized, constantly burned at both ends, because I won't pick a side. There is no middle ground, a side has to be chosen, so long have they been fighting, I don't want there poison. Not white enough, not brown enough, not even allowed to be in the middle, so I will just be a kiwi, because finding balance is a hard riddle. M.Mahauariki © 2012