Revised version Enslavement of a lesser being

Written by: steven cooke

Freedom won on a distant battlefield
Gallant words to remember them by
Unspoken tears for the old to cry,
A game for the young to play
Never a thought for freedoms way
For tyrants are easy to spot
Peaceful takeovers not,
Look through the haze
For when wheat replaces the meadows
 The birds have no home
When forests are felled, 
Extinction will come
You are a commodity,
 For globalisation has won
When TV calls caressing your soul
With the next discount, and
“Yes its free fitting”
Without a shot being fired
Your future mortgaged
And when your ration of bread 
Demands the last fish in the sea 
Neatly Packaged and dolphin free
Who will pay the price?
This is the legacy
There is no escape
Big brother is watching
Mankind in a zoo of its own creation
Come, peer through the bars at,
This condemnation of society broken
For freedom lies on the other side.