Weekend events

Written by: mark escobar

There’s not much to brag about
how my schedule goes on weekends;
either to stay home or get involved in some affairs
where I take part in festive celebrations.

Parish life is replete with colorful events,
people who come for worship and render services
either in liturgy or in other religious activities,
they form one family, united in their spirituality.

A light moment of being with people of faith,
in a form of conversation or sharing of thoughts;
there’s a driving urge to reconnect and talk
with the wealth of relationship and openness to life.

Yet time seems to indicate how far I’ve gone
realizing the outcome of what I’ve done;
a link that keeps me close to everyone –
in sharing, talking, or in friendly relations.

Invitations for lunch or dinner from close parishioners,
opportunities to get to know them and see;
through discovery and spontaneity in mobility,
a great experience, a gospel of relationship in depth.

Well, the spirit of Sabbath remains its height,
its essence and significance in every moment;
the day of the Lord, the day of thanksgiving,
sanctified by all whose faith draws to our Savior.