the river trip revised

Written by: john loving iii

fishing at a river
not knowing what he'd catch
he casted out his line
not hopeing for the best

sometimes you get a nibble
and sometimes you get a bite
but you never know what's on the line
until you reel it in for sight

fishing at the river
not knowing what he'd catch
he caught a fish named charlie
some say that it's the best

she fell for it hook,line, and sinker
and surely did'nt resist
for all the fishermans trickery
he did his very best

he'd caught her with his words
and suduced her with his rhymes
pulled on her emotions
tightened up his lines

he had to be persistant 
and hold on don't let loose
reeling in his biggest catch
gave his ego a boost

but when it came to falling in love
she'd put him to the test
the fisherman was surely happy
with hit lastest catch