My Memory

Written by: Avis Bailey

At a young and tender age, I gave my heart so earnestly, To a man who gave his life, For me at Calvary. All my years, he has blessed me, With a loving family, But the greatest gift he gave me, Are my memories. Now my flowers are not tended, My house is a mess, There's no food on my table, For I'm taking a rest. I've gone to live with Jesus, For etenity, The only thing I leave behind, Are thoughts of my memory. So, don't look for me, or call me, Or send a note down here, I'll be living with Jesus, And family that's waiting there. The only thing that's left to leave you, Is a treasure to you from me, It's the thoughts that you have, Of my memory. When we meet again up yonder, At that happy golden shore, And we talk about the memories , That we had down there below, Then you'll tell me about the things you did, After I was gone, We'll never have to make new memories, In our bright, eternal home.