Written by: Stephen Aniobi

You remind me of her smiles,

The white of teeth of hers,

The sun in her eyes,

The sweetness in her tongue,


You remind me of her face,

How beautiful they are,

Men die just to see it,

The war of love, her face ones caused,


You remind me of her body shape,

Her body of all eternal virtue,

The ebony in her milky skin,

The figure eight body type,


You remind me of her caresses,

The gentle touches of hers,

The French kisses she rained for me,

The love we made at sunset,


You remind me of her dreams of us,

That the moon, sun, rain and you to serve as our love witness,

That undieable love dead,

The tears in my eyes now red for you.


 You remind me of our last minutes together,

Our journey down the east,

The promises I made, of love eternal,

Now she is long way down gone.


You remind me of her two faces,

The dangers in her eyes,

The evil of falling in love,

But, for you I will swim at the depth of love.