My Time To Pray

Written by: Avis Bailey

I awake in the morning at the breaking of day,
I go out for you see it's my time to pray.
With the quietness all around me his voice i can hear,
As i walk thru the dew, I feel his presence so near.
All the beauty i see how can one say he's not real,
For his handprint is seen in every flower, tree, and hill.

"lord, you are my sunshine that helps me to grow."
"lord, you are my refuge when i need a safe place to go."
"lord, you are my shelter when life isn't fair."
"lord, you are the friend i can talk to, because i know that you care."

"i treasure each morning, lord, i spend with you,
Your strength helps me face each day i go through,
I can't imagine how I’d make it without all that you do,
It's a pleasure each morning, lord, just to spend it with you."