Lover Of My Soul

Written by: Valerie Sherman

Oh, Lover of my Soul-

How beautiful  are the eyes which seek my soul-
look into my being to satisfy my souls very desire.
Lips red as scarlet drip honey combs sweetness.
Your kisses are a delicacy stored up just for me.
Your glowing expression brightens my total essence.
Show me your face - it is beyond pure gold
Lift thy veil soothe this ache in me.
Let me hear your voice it is melodious to my Soul.

Oh, Lover of my Soul

How alluring are your orchards most elite enticing oils,
Scents of the finest spices from pomegrante fields.
North wind arise come South winds stir thyself come 
Command thy avatar -carry with you aromatic perfume.
Lilacs protect each step by its lavender release-while
Whisterias present you with their kingdom blossoms.
Lover, you have sealed thy heart for my Soul.