I won't

Written by: Tiffany Rowe

I won't sit here
and let you win

Time after time
it seems to never end

You made me hurt
the loved ones around me

Things were so blurry
that I couldn't see

See that I was losing
what really mattered

Realizing if I let this continue
people's lives will become shattered

I won't sit here
no longer

I need to let you go
in order to become stronger

I can't continue
to let you have control over me

I need to let you go
in order to believe

that I can trust again

Trust that people won't give
up on me until the very end

I can't give up 
and give in

And sulk 
on what might have been

So you can 
stop thinking you have complete control

And give up
so I can begin to fill this hole

You no longer
control my every thought

My every move
whatever it was you sought

This is where
it all comes down

No longer
will my smile turn to a frown

This is where 
I say don't

This is where
letting you have control

I won't