A Day at Connie Mack

Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

When my Mom told me I was so glad
Going on a train Ride with Davy and his Dad
I was so excited when the day finally came
Leaving for Connie Mack Stadium and a baseball game

At the Tamaqua station boarding one of the cars
On my way to see some of my favorite stars
The day was special like a magic dream
I had saved some money for a picture of the team

We had hot dogs and sodas and cheered for the Phils
A foul ball dropping near us was one of the thrills
We knew all the ball players by number and name
Someday Richie and Robin would be in the Hall of Fame

Though years have passed, I still remember that day
With Davy and his Dad, watching the Phillies play
Just enjoying life, not knowing what's in store
I lost my friend Davy in the Vietnam War.