The Miracle Catch


The Miracle Catch Luke 5:1-11 NIV Whilst Jesus stood in Peter’s boat He had other audiences on His mind. When He had delivered His sermon, He summoned Peter some fish to find. But Peter was disheartened For he had fished all night. His efforts brought forth nothing Except an empty net in sight. Peter obeyed the Master And launched his boat on Galilee. He also let down his net— A miracle of heaven to see! When the net filled to overflowing Peter knew this miracle was divine. He fell at the Saviour’s feet with an overwhelming sense, Of the Almighty’s power in this sign. Jesus simply said to Peter, “From henceforth you will catch men.” In this miracle Jesus showed the disciples Their provision came from heaven. The disciples were humble and unlearned, But Christ qualified them for His service. Faith was what they needed— The Creator could use each novice. The Miracle Catch on the Sea of Galilee, Showed the disciples the power of heaven. They were so astounded by this miracle, To the Savoir their lives were given. The greatest Miracle in this story Was not the number of fish caught, But the changed hearts of the disciples To leave their boats and fishing for ‘soul fish’ to be caught. Copyright © 2012 Maureen LeFanue