Written by: Kolapo Olapoju

I carry a burden
I bear a pain
My chest heaves out and in.
I search for slumber, but sorrow seeps in.
my pupils remain dry like the Sahara.
When a tear or two represents release.
My thoughts assume aimless tirade,
Staring at the dark ceiling
Listening to love-talk on the Fm.
Still, you dominate the occupation of my musings.
I’ve lost desire to partake in the nightly norm.
I’ve been gifted with hurt, and I loathe her guts
I toy back and forth with the details of my affliction,
I swing the blames between our names.
I’m too manly to bear this feminine state.
I tell myself, but I fear it’s late.
I yearn for closure, or a bit of escape.
Yet, even that, the elements starve me.
Is this my portion of the whore named 'heartbreak?
Was I in love and didn’t recognize her?
Now, I’m antsy, I sit up.
I scramble to my feet, and pace the passage.
The snores of the household bring forth reality.
I’m frozen to a spot as it dawns on me.
The impossible has seen light.
The Jews have been bested in battle.
I’ve been in love, and now she's gone
I’m left with heartbreak.
The bride of a love gone sour.