Saturday night fever

Written by: mary abdali

Saturday Night Fever So you want a break because it's the weekend? drink it up and party all night that is the trend, you deserve it and so do your friends, working as told everyday nine to four, Modern day slavery is as tiring as ten decades ago, You hate your boss and your office chair is broken, you have to be there whether you're sweating or frozen, Hard work of years will one day pay off, The day you'll have enough money to shop, When gas would'nt seem pricey and you'd spent on food more than before When you would be buying things you can't afford, Day dreaming at work about your dream house, Don't waste time, Thinking in not allowed, You waited for saturday long enough, And now its finally time to smoke some stuff, Go out to the club, buy some beer, Get waste, dance, have a smoke session, that is the only way for you to get out of depression, A drunken getaway to forget about your problems, tonight, its the alcohol, some other day to solve them Too exhausted to think about the world at this time, the rest of the week your busy with those files Have you ever wondered why this chaos,so clear yet seems faded? Chained to work the whole week, later sedated, Destroying your body, controlling your mind, Like a virus infects and takes over your soul with time, Burning your organs with alcohol and smoke, Killing yourself ,slowly until no hope, Spending your slave salary on weapons of suicide, No handcuffs but you're enslaved in this life, Can you breathe? this world is a prison, For you and I, for the crimes we haven't committed!