Written by: Paula Larson

So oft I'd heard its soul intent
the performed center, not rebound
could bury once and then compound
the years between, cycle's renown!

Now given over to the Earth
no search or wandering can contain
the final call, summized in worth
and vestige given, subtle gain!

What final makepiece can entail
a journey's fare or life's enslave,
does hold in bondage, fortune's quake
and guesswork yonder not remake!

Conditions squander for the take,
the spirit of coward's, sentiments fake
for counterfeiting sameness sake
relying on its own uptake!

And tears can last beyond the grave
arrangements scattering the poise
a lifelong treasure, so denounce
all moments contrary or brave!

My footsteps falter, not held up
by urgings from all else, so mean
this only once, my saving's cup
respect my feelings with esteem!

Oh, childish pondering, to and fro
so wasted, while the dead lie still,
a life too soon has gone to flow
some spot eternity will fill!