Broken Smile

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Here I stand in the
pouring rain awaiting
my long lost love.
The sky appears grey and
sombre just like my inner
soul that craves your
very touch.
The ground lays wet like
my very own face where tears
are disguised as raindrops.
My clothes are soaked but
still I stand here not
caring if my skin begins
to shiver creating goosebumps
upon my lonely skin.
The sun’s rays battle against
the thick clouds but with no
prevail, it is as though the
weather itself has given in to
sorrow and hidden pain.
Strangely I begin to smile for
I begin to remember your sweet
voice once laughing with joy
whilst in the rain.
Sadly my smile is broken for
you are no longer part of this
earth but your soul makes
the flowers bloom, the stars
shine and creates waves in the
clearest of waters.
Maybe one day I will rejoin
you, my sweet angel and we will
be one once more regardless of
rain or shine.