Easy Prey

Written by: Allan Williams

He saw her, as soon as he entered the room
It wasn’t her beauty, although she was pretty;
pretty drunk. It was her voice that he heard,
The giggle, that hideous giggle.
She sat on the sofa, glass of Jack Daniels in hand
The bottle, on the floor, half hidden along side the sofa.

He grabbed a drink, not too strong
And moved in on her.

“Hi” he said, fancy a drink? unknown to her 
He was already pouring her one.
“fancy going somewhere else”?…. she giggled
He stroked her hair, sliding his hand onto her shoulder
Slowly moving down her front, stopping
Just before her breasts…. testing the water!

He paid compliments, she fell in love.

She staggered across the room
Was it the drink or the heels?
Maybe that’s why no-one helped or advised.
Friendless! Or did they know her of old?

As they stepped outside the room, she glanced at the stairs
But he had other ideas, he held her hand tight, 
And walked down the hall towards  the basement door

Checking that no-one was watching he opened the door
Switched on the light, to reveal a precarious set of steps
Confidently he walked down…quietly, willingly she followed

They stepped onto a cold stone floor…. their steps echoed
She could feel the dampness!
In the empty room, except for one cupboard in the corner
He swung her around, pushed her back to the cupboard
And in a flash she could feel his fingers at the top of her panties
In a second they were at her ankles!

She looked upwards and heard the noise of music and laughter above her
She then felt herself being lifted and sat on the stained top
He lifted her dress, and fell to his knees...... the music had gone

She had only felt pleasure like this a few times before,
She felt like screaming, but as though he knew, he instinctively
Put his hand over her mouth…..
He stood up and as he entered her, her back arched and thrust 
Her firm breasts forward, nipples taut, his mouth encased them
She could feel his teeth, intense power
Inside she was dancing!

A final thrust ensured they united together
She sat there gasping, he turned, slowly walked away
Then stopped and said, “I’ll go back up, our guests will wonder 
Were we are”………. she looked, smiled and thought
No they won’t ……